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We are looking for exceptional individuals who want to create technology that will completely change the way we build native mobile applications.


Flinging data through the air is your game. You’ve got mad iOS reputation on StackOverflow. You live for efficient performance and bandwidth usage, and when that doesn’t work, you cache like a boss. Are you ready to build the next generation in mobile apps? Your code is central to our product. It will delight and empower our customers to do true platform-level mobility and change the way people work.

Perhaps you’ve felt a little like Scotty before – because you’re the person that always comes through in the nick of time to keep the Enterprise alive. If you want to decide how the application infrastructure is architected and maintained from the very beginning, this is the right role for you.

Do you find front-end web app technology fascinating? Have you dominated the DOM? If you’re exploring the bleeding-edge web APIs and javascript frameworks, you might just love this job. You’ll have the opportunity to craft a rich, desktop-like application experience in the browser. And you won’t have to support IE 6… or 7, 8 and 9.

…It’s the engineering part that's hard. But you’ve done this before. You’re the type of engineer that doesn‘t fit in a neat little category, because you’ve tackled a bit of everything. If you’re the type that gets bored if you aren’t learning something new, this is the perfect job for you. You will have the opportunity to build a world-class service infrastructure that our customers will depend on to run their high-priority mobile apps.

Sr. Android Engineer
Because Open is Awesome

The m›PATH platform isn’t just another iOS port. Most of the world uses Android, and your code will be everywhere. Take advantage of everything Android has to offer. You’re familiar with the most popular flavors – from ICS to KitKat. You know how to get the most out of every major device, and you‘re excited about the direction Android is heading.

A complete job description is coming soon.

The best sale is the one you don’t need to make. If you’ve built a high-performing, worldwide sales organization from the ground up, this opportunity might be right for you. m›PATH is focused on building relationships that continue to grow. Your deep expertise in enterprise relationship-building has uniquely positioned you to capitalize on this opportunity. This is the next challenge. Let’s do this.


What Defines You?

Successful companies consciously define their culture early on by establishing values that attract a world-class team.

These are values that define us:
Push the Envelope
Let your ambition lead you. Seek big ideas… and build them.
Our Customers Pave the Path
We ensure that our customers are empowered and successful.
Ask forgiveness instead of permission
We’re all here to build great products and a great organization. If you see something that needs building, fixing or changing… do it.
Debate modestly
Our amalgamated experiences ultimately lead to unique solutions. We humbly and objectively examine every approach.
Pay it forward
Give everyone on the team a chance to succeed. Teach, mentor and grow.
Consider the Indelible
We‘re solving a non-trivial problem, and that requires a mindset atypical in Silicon Valley. This isn’t a flash in the pan endeavor. True change requires dedication.
Claus Moldt and Trae Chancellor

Claus Moldt Co-Founder & CEO

At, Claus Moldt served as the Global CIO and Senior Vice President of Service Delivery. His team of several hundred people was responsible for the day-to-day operations of’s external infrastructure, which included Capacity Planning, Availability Architecture, Disaster Recovery, Datacenters, Network, Servers and Storage Infrastructure. Claus has more than 26 years of operational, support, and consulting experience supporting and architecting large scale, highly available infrastructures.

Prior to joining in 2006, Claus spent four years at eBay where his responsibilities included the delivery, availability, and maintenance of the eBay infrastructure. Claus has also held positions at Loudcloud and Oracle where he worked with Fortune 500 customers to aid in setting up scalable infrastructures.

Trae Chancellor Co-Founder

Trae Chancellor joined as CIO in 2006 and has held numerous senior roles there, including most recently as CTO, Integrated System Vendors. Under his leadership, the IT division successfully transitioned its operations to the cloud. Building on's own platform-as-a-service,, Trae and his team deployed new automation systems that effectively supported the business as it grew from $400 million to $1 billion in annual revenues.

Prior to, Trae was Vice President of IT Application Engineering at PeopleSoft/Oracle. As a pioneer in software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and operational models, Trae was part of the original engineering team at ExpertCity (acquired by Citrix) who built GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting. Trae holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M.

m›PATH is funded by JUMP Investors — led by Randall Kaplan, Co-Founder of Akamai.


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408 Florence St
Palo Alto, CA 94301

m›PATH has offices in great neighborhoods, in both Palo Alto and San Francisco. Fantastic food, coffee and culture are just steps away.